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Seán Ua Súilleabháin
2014 June
Ágalma: ofrenda desde la filología clásica a Manuel García Teijeiro
'Lúciano en gaélico'
Ediciones Universidad de Valladolid
Valladolid, Spain
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Translation studies. Classical languages. Dynamic equivalence. Literature of the Irish Gaelic revival. Peadar Ua Laoghaire. Sallust. Lucian. Don Quixote
Fr. Peter O’Leary (An tAthair Peadar Ua Laoghaire), an Irish priest, translated various works into Irish Gaelic; among them were some classical works, and also the first book of Don Quixote. His translation from Sallust was praised, but his Quixote excoriated as inaccurate and unworthy. His translation of works by Lucian was wrongly supposed to follow the method of the Quixote, and, through this error and through disbelief that a classical author could represent the gods in such an irreverent fashion, his translation was ridiculed. The method Fr. Peter used to translate the Quixote is now regarded as legitimate in certain contexts. However his translations from Lucian are generally still unjustly despised because of the prejudice of the original reviewer.
A. Martínez Fernández, B. Ortega Villaro, H. Velasco López, H. Zamora Salamanca
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