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Orla Murphy, James O'Sullivan
Knowledge Mobilisation Workshop
Brock University Toronto
Invited Lectures (Workshops)
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Technological ubiquity has given rise to a new era of disseminative potential. Networking technologies and social media have made knowledge geographically independent, allowing scholars, practitioners and enthusiasts alike to share information on a global scale. Knowledge mobilization has become central to the humanities, where engagement with our peers and the public has never been more paramount. Building integrated virtual knowledge environments has never been more accessible to education professionals in a variety of roles, and the potential to build virtual communities of practice is recognised as critical in an engaged, digitally literate, networked society. This introductory workshop will introduce participants to various social media platforms and content management systems, and outline the ways in which they can be harnessed for scholarly and professional purposes. Essentially, this workshop will demystify services like Twitter for scholars who want to engage in the thriving online community of scholars and practitioners, but who are unfamiliar with the use of such offerings
Internationalisation, CACSSS