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J. Griffith Rollefson
Flip the Script: European Hip Hop and the Politics of Postcoloniality
University of Chicago Press
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Hip Hop, music, Europe, Race, African American, postcolonial, Black Atlantic
This book examines how the children and grandchildren of immigrants from the former colonies and peripheries of Europe are employing the African American musical protest strategies of hip hop both to differentiate themselves from and relate themselves to their respective majority societies. Drawing on music, media, interviews, and fieldwork with hip hop communities in Paris, Berlin, and London, this book situates musical analyses in the postcolonial and globalizing contexts of the three cities, demonstrating how this black American music structures local concerns and enables syncretic expressions that are at once wholly local and definitively global. It concludes that hip hop is both a product of the postcolonial contradictions that hyphenate citizens within their own nations and a form of cultural politics well suited to flip the script on the inequalities those hyphens imply. In the European Union’s twenty-first century context of perpetual crisis—from constant fears of terrorism and “immigrant crises” to the rise of neonationalist parties, the racism, xenophobia, and isolationist Brexit fruits they bear, and the new reality of permanent austerity—it is the sons, daughters, and grandchildren of settlers from the former colonies and peripheries of Europe who are on the front lines and are best equipped to offer new insight into current affairs. By listening closely to the ways these postcolonial citizens in Europe express their solidarity with African Americans through rap music and hip hop culture, the book makes the case that we can literally hear the hybrid realities of a global double consciousness.
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National University of Ireland (NUI)
Berlin Program for Advanced German and European Studies; The DAAD; The Volkswagen Stiftung