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Murphy KM, Crush L, Twomey M, Cryan J, O'Connor OJ, Maher MM
Annual Scientific Meeting Faculty of Radiologists RCSI
Medical student perceptions of radiology use in anatomy teaching
Dublin, Ireland
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Abstract Purpose: There is wide variation in how and when radiology is introduced into the medical curriculum. The use of radiology in the teaching of anatomy to undergraduate medical students is gaining in popularity. We aimed to measure student knowledge and/or opinion of: radiology’s role in teaching anatomy, radiological imaging modalities, anatomical identification on radiological images and radiology as a speciality; at the beginning and end of an academic year that incorporated 10 hours of radiological-anatomy teaching in the anatomy curriculum. Materials and methods: First year medical students completed pre-module and post-module reviews questionnaires. The questions were answered using a combination of Likert scales, rankings and binary options. Students were also tested on their ability to The questionnaires also included a quiz in identify various radiological modalities and anatomical structures on radiological images. Results: Pre and post response rates were 93% (157/168) and 85% (136/160) respectively. Post-module, 96.3% of students wanted the same level or more radiology integration. 92.4 % pre-module and 96.2% post-module agreed that “Radiology is important in medical undergraduate teaching”. Modality identification scores significantly increased from 59.8% to 64.3% (p<0.001). Structure identification scores also increased 47.4% to 71.2% (p<0.001). Pre and post top 3 ranking for teaching formats were consistent with Practical anatomy 1st, Interactive sessions of radiology with anatomy 2nd and Anatomy lectures 3rd. Pre and post-module: 68.1% of students responded correctly to questions about the radiologists role. Post-module: 38.3% were comfortable reviewing radiology images. Conclusion: Overall, students were positive about integrating radiology into anatomy teaching and most students wanted at least would like more or the same level of blended learning integration. While structure recognition has improved, further radiology knowledge is still mixed.