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Jools GIlson-Ellis & Richard Povall
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Jools Gilson-Ellis Richard Povall CD-ROM artwork mouthplace CD-ROM Installation MECAD
Exhibition of mouthplace at MECAD in Barcelona. The CD-ROM mouthplace explored femininity & orality. It was the first work that Jools Gilson-Ellis & Richard Povall made together. Begun in 1995, the work was published in 1997, and exhibited internationally.
Exhibition of mouthplace at MECAD, Media Centre for Art & Design in Barcelona. mouthplace was an innovative and radical work in its time, because it developed a screen-based work which was emotional as well as raucous. During the mid 1990s, artists of all disciplines were fascinated by the thrall and promise of technology, but much of this work focused on the technology itself at the cost of content. mouthplace investigated the relationship between femininity and orality, and did so with a playful and provocative interactive design. The work was exhibited as part of an installation of 40, 000 sewing needles hanging from red thread from the gallery ceiling.
Barcelona, Spain
MECAD Media Centre for Art & Design
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