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Uskov, AV,Protsenko, IE,Mortensen, NA,O'Reilly, EP
Broadening of Plasmonic Resonance Due to Electron Collisions with Nanoparticle Boundary: a Quantum Mechanical Consideration
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Plasmonic nanoparticles Plasmonic resonance broadening Surface electron collisions SMALL METAL PARTICLES SURFACE SIZE
We present a quantum mechanical approach to calculate broadening of plasmonic resonances in metallic nanostructures due to collisions of electrons with the surface of the structure. The approach is applicable if the characteristic size of the structure is much larger than the de Broglie electron wavelength in the metal. The approach can be used in studies of plasmonic properties of both single nanoparticles and arrays of nanoparticles. Energy conservation is insured by a self-consistent solution of Maxwell's equations and our model for the photon absorption at the metal boundaries. Consequences of the model are illustrated for the case of spheroid nanoparticles, and results are in good agreement with earlier theories. In particular, we show that the boundary-collision broadening of the plasmonic resonance in spheroid nanoparticles can depend strongly on the polarization of the impinging light.
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