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Razeeb, KM,Podporska-Carroll, J,Jamal, M,Hasan, M,Nolan, M,McCormack, DE,Quilty, B,Newcomb, SB,Pillai, SC
Materials Letters
Antimicrobial properties of vertically aligned nano-tubular copper
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Nano-tubular copper Electrodeposition Bacteria Antimicrobial ESCHERICHIA-COLI NANOPARTICLES
In this work, the antimicrobial properties of vertically aligned nano-tubular Cu arrays (NT-Cu) fabricated via a template-based electrodeposition approach were investigated. The NT-Cu display good bactericidal activity against Staphylococcus aureus and bacteriostatic properties against Escherichia coil, Shigella sonnei, Salmonella enterica and Candida albicans. In contrast, Cu-foil electrodeposited from the same solution shows low biological activity against the same microorganisms. The antimicrobial activity of NT-Cu depends on both the type of microorganism and exposure time. After 6 h of exposure, over 99.99% (log red=4.43) of S. aureus population was inactivated, whereas, for E. coli, S. sonnei, S. enterica and C. albicans, the inactivation was 97.8, 94.2, 89.9, and 90.3%, respectively. (C) 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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