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Segatto, M. E. V. and Kashyap, R. and Maxwell, G. D. and Taylor, J. R. and Bhagavatula, V. A. and Berkey, G. E. and Evans, A. F.
Ieee Photonics Technology Letters
Multi Gbit/s bit parallel WDM transmission using dispersion managed fibers
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This paper demonstrates the feasibility of a bit parallel WDM (BP-WDM) system using dispersion managed fibers. An expression for the total bit skew as a function of the fiber dispersion and system bandwidth is derived and compared with experimental results. A 4 bit x 10 Gbit/s-per bit BP-WDM transmission experiment over 30 km DMF is used and an aggregate bite rate x distance product of 1.2 Tbit/s-km is obtained. The total bit skew of the system is reduced to one half of the bit period. We believe that systems using BPWDM will be useful for computer interconnects in high-speed parallel systems and ring networks.
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