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Harrington JM, Phillips CM
Current Diabetes Reports
Nutrigenetics: bridging two worlds to understand type 2 diabetes.
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The increasing global prevalence of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is a major public health concern. Accumulating data provides strong evidence of the shared contribution of genetic and environmental factors to T2DM risk. Genome-wide association studies have hugely improved our understanding of the genetic basis of T2DM. However, it is obvious that genetics only partly account for an individuals' predisposition to T2DM. The dietary environment has changed remarkably over the last century. Examination of individual macronutrients and more recently of foods and dietary patterns is becoming increasingly important in terms of developing public health strategies. Nutrigenetics offers the potential to improve diet-related disease prevention and therapy, but is not without its own challenges. In this review we present evidence on the dietary environment and genetics as risk factors for T2DM and bridging the 2 disciplines we highlight some key gene-nutrient interactions.
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