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O'Sullivan, Gerard P. and Scully, Norma M. and Prat, Jean-Marie and Glennon, Jeremy D. and Dietrich, Benjamin and Friebolin, Volker and Albert, Klaus;
Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry
Synthesis, characterisation and chromatographic evaluation of polyether dendrimer stationary phases
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Supercritical carbon dioxide has attracted attention as a potential replacement for traditional organic solvents due to its simplified workup procedures and reduced environmental impact-providing a green chemistry approach for organic solvent-free functionalisation. In addition to the environmental benefits, the enhanced diffusivity observed in supercritical solvents can often enhance reaction rates. We have applied these valuable features to the preparation of silica-bonded stationary phases and examined their potential in liquid chromatography. We report the successful preparation and characterisation of polyether silica based on Frechet dendrimers this significantly enhances the range of stationary-phase chemistries that can be prepared in supercritical fluids. First-and second-generation polyether silicas were prepared, characterised, end-capped and evaluated for use as stationary phases for liquid chromatography.
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