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McCaffrey MW, Lindsay AJ
Biochemical Society transactions
Roles for myosin Va in RNA transport and turnover.
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Mammals express three class V myosins. Myosin Va is widely expressed, but enriched in the brain, testes and melanocytes, myosin Vb is expressed ubiquitously, and myosin Vc is believed to be epithelium-specific. Myosin Va is the best characterized of the three and plays a key role in the transport of cargo to the plasma membrane. Its cargo includes cell-surface receptors, pigment and organelles such as the endoplasmic reticulum. It is also emerging that RNA and RNA-BPs (RNA-binding proteins) make up another class of myosin Va cargo. It has long been established that the yeast class V myosin, Myo4p, transports mRNAs along actin cables into the growing bud, and now several groups have reported a similar role for class V myosins in higher eukaryotes. Myosin Va has also been implicated in the assembly and maintenance of P-bodies (processing bodies), cytoplasmic foci that are involved in mRNA storage and degradation. The present review examines the evidence that myosin Va plays a role in the transport and turnover of mRNA.
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