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Owen Jump, Inge Nieuwstraten, Mike Murphy
44th Annual PSI conference
A mixed methods study of the barriers to help-seeking in young men working in construction
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Objective: Recent Irish research identified young men working in construction as being particularly at risk for suicide and self-injurious behaviour. Previous studies regarding young males’ help-seeking behaviour have pinpointed masculine ideologies and stigma as possible contributory factors. The aim of this study was to measure factors influencing help-seeking in males in the construction industry both quantitatively and qualitatively. Method: Young male participants working in the construction industry (N=168, age-range 18-36 [M= 22.71 yrs, SD= 4.28]), completed a mixed methods survey measuring Self-Stigma, Perceived Stigma, Masculine ideologies and Attitudes Towards Seeking Professional Psychological help. Results: Self-stigma was the best predictor of Attitudes Towards Seeking Professional Psychological Help. Qualitative analysis yielded 5 key themes: Damaging, negative views of help-seeking; Stigma; Masculinity; Problem awareness; and Moving towards a positive view of seeking help. Conclusions: Inverse correlations show that as stigma increased positive participant attitudes towards help-seeking reduced. Certain aspects of masculine ideologies were shown to interact with help-seeking. Help-seeking attitudes in the group appear to be more complex than previously thought - being more culturally and context dependent.
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