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Jensen, A.J., Gilbey, J., Friedland, K.D., McGinnity, P., Mork, K.A., Coughlan, J., Cross, T.F., Einarsson, S., Ensing, D., Erkinaro, J., Fiske, P., Garcia de Leaniz, C., Hansen, L. P., Haugland, M., Holm, M., Holst, J.C., Jacobsen, J.A., Karlsson, S., O Maoleidigh, N., Nielsen, E.E., Primmer, C.R., Prodöhl, P. A., Stevens, J.R.., Thomas, K., Vaha, J-P, Verspoor, E., Wennevik, V., Whelan, K. and Hindar, K. (in review)
Proceedings of The Royal Society B
Increased understanding of the marine life of a migratory fish gained by combining data on an individual’s ecology and genetic assignment
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