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Jova, L.S., Oliveira, J.C., Sousa-Gallagher, M., Flores, H.D., Reyes, M.L., Rodriguez-Aguilera, R. and Aguilar, C.N.
2008 September
Valnatura: a Europe-Latin America postgraduate research network in the VALorization of NATURAl resources
Design and evaluation of fermented non-alcoholic functional cereal base beverage
University of Minho (Portugal)
Pacos de Ferreira, Portugal
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Research on developing new foods and beverages with enhanced health properties has been increased recently. These often called “functional foods” are a promising way to offer a production diversification for industries based on fermented alcoholic cereal beverages which potential market is limited for health and social connotation mostly related to alcohol consumption. Three non-alcoholic fermented cereal beverages were prepared; some from indigenous recipes, as part of this study. Prototypes were taken for fermentation (at ~42 °C and for up to 5h) and sensory analysis. Samples prepared with brown rice, 5% Lala yoghurt as inoculum and 1% of Megamix 40® showed a better performance for fermentation regarding to lactic acid production. Milk as ingredient boosts fermentation performance. However, Megamix 40® showed a better result. Total sugars increases during the first 3 hours of fermentation. Microbial growth kinetic curves fits well to a Weibull model. Samples prepared with brown rice has the wider deviation from an exponential first order behave and also the higher rate of growth of micro-organisms compare to samples prepared with white rice. Flavors such a sour and sweet, colour and viscosity were factors with influence on the general acceptance of the samples.
Teixeira, J.A.
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