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Hyland NP, Golubeva AV
British journal of pharmacology
GABAB receptors in the bladder and bowel: Therapeutic potential for positive allosteric modulators?
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Kalinichev et al., (2013) demonstrated that the GABAB receptor positive allosteric modulator, ADX71441, significantly improved micturition indices and cystometry variables in two models of overactive bladder, a disorder caused in part by urothelial dysfunction, increased excitability of the detrusor and abnormal functioning of neuronal circuits serving the micturition reflex. However, GABAB receptors are widely expressed at other peripheral sites, including the gastrointestinal tract. As well as their intimate anatomical relationship, the bladder and bowel share similarities in function, and the central processing and perception of afferent activity from each converge on the same brain regions. Moreover, the bladder and bowel display similar visceral pathologies, in particular bladder pain syndrome and irritable bowel syndrome respectively, which can overlap in individual patients. The data presented by Kalinichev et al. (2013) demonstrates promise for positive allosteric modulators of GABAB receptors in regulating bladder function, and hints at their effectiveness in visceral pain. Here, we propose that GABAB receptor positive allosteric modulators may similarly influence gastrointestinal function and sensory signalling.
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