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Buckley, T & Dempsey, M
PSI, Annual Conference
Gastric bands: Silent friends?
Kilkenny Ireland
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Currently 61% of Irish adults are considered overweight or obese. This study explores experiences and specific support needs of gastric band patients at a time when gastric band treatment is increasing in prevalence. Qualitative data were gathered, through open ended questionnaires, from 90 participants: 50 gastric band patients and 40 family and friends of gastric band patients. Inductive content analysis was used to analyse the data. Five primary themes emerged; ‘expectations and beliefs about use of gastric band treatment’, ‘experiential understanding of the band’, ‘gastric band as a trigger for transitions in relationships’, ‘multidimensional impact of the band’, and ‘improvement strategies for support when choosing gastric band treatment’. These findings advance understanding of gastric band treatment as a transformative life event. Gastric band treatment has significant implications not just for gastric band patients but for their family and friends too. In terms of psychological well being it represents a dynamic intra and interpersonal process and can contribute to discourse on obesity, health education and promotion.