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Dempsey, M. & O'Brien, G
PSI, Annual Conference
"Would a band-aid be of use to you?" Developing understanding of male perspectives on menstruation
Kilkenny Ireland
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Thoughts and attitudes about the management of the menstrual cycle experience and reproductive health are usually only considered from female perspectives. Male perspectives on the menstrual cycle are often side-lined. As little research has considered how the menstrual cycle affects males, the objective of this study was to explore male perspectives on menstruation. Specifically, how do men understand a process that they can only experience second hand? This exploratory study comprised 6 individual semi structured discussions with participants drawn from a white European population. Data were analysed using grounded theory methodology. Menís perspectives on menstrual cycle are influenced by formal and social education. Engaging with the issue is mediated by comfort levels and influences maleís sense of identity. Various symbolic meanings of menstrual cycle are identified and discussed. The study offers insights into why the menstrual cycle retains taboo and symbolic elements for males.