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Hossain, MN,Justice, J,Lovera, P,McCarthy, B,O'Riordan, A,Corbett, B
High aspect ratio nano-fabrication of photonic crystal structures on glass wafers using chrome as hard mask
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nano-fabrication photonic crystal high aspect ratio nanostructure sensor chromium hard mask glass wafer nano-fabrication
Wafer-scale nano-fabrication of silicon nitride (SixNy) photonic crystal (PhC) structures on glass (quartz) substrates is demonstrated using a thin (30 nm) chromium (Cr) layer as the hard mask for transferring the electron beam lithography (EBL) defined resist patterns. The use of the thin Cr layer not only solves the charging effect during the EBL on the insulating substrate, but also facilitates high aspect ratio PhCs by acting as a hard mask while deep etching into the SixNy. A very high aspect ratio of 10: 1 on a 60 nm wide grating structure has been achieved while preserving the quality of the flat top of the narrow lines. The presented nano-fabrication method provides PhC structures necessary for a high quality optical response. Finally, we fabricated a refractive index based PhC sensor which shows a sensitivity of 185 nm per RIU.
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