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Daly, E., McCarthy, N., Irwin, S., Scarrott, R., Roig Cervera, D.
Achieving effective Rhododendron control: RHODO
Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine
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Biodiversity, Forestry, Ireland, PLANFORBIO, Rhododendron
As a successful invasive alien species rhododendron out‐competes native plants and poses a serious threat to native biodiversity in Ireland, particularly to our native woodlands. Rhododendron has also, in recent decades, become a significant management issue in plantation forests in Ireland. Rhododendron negatively impacts both the economic and the ecological value of invaded land and its control is essential to the conservation of native communities. This report presents the findings of 5 years of research which will inform control and management practices for rhododendron in Irish forests.
A report describing in detail the scientific research that underpins the 10 specific recommendations are made for policy and practice in the Irish forestry sector made by the project.
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Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food (DAFF)