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Proceedings of the Colour and Space in Cultural Heritage session at the Denkmäler 3D Conference titled "From low-cost to high-tech. 3D-Documentation in Archaeology & Monument Preservation"
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Cultural Heritage, 3D, Spatial Technology, Documentation
The interdisciplinary COST Action ‘Colour and Space in Cultural Heritage' brings together some 120 researchers from 26 countries. We represent a wide range of backgrounds, specialisms and discrete research interests. We also have much in common. We appreciate the beauty of art and the significance of cultural heritage. We believe in the best possible documentation of artefacts as an essential means of their conservation and preservation, for their study and education. The accurate measurement of colour and shape is a critical, yet by no means trivial, part of 3D documentation. In COSCH, specialists in optical and imaging technologies collaborate with a community of users representing a wide range of application areas. We are determined to reach a common understanding of current needs and possibilities. We work towards a conceptual, scientific, technical and procedural consensus in defining best standards in heritage documentation
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