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Keenan, Kevin; McGinnity, Philip; Cross, Tom F.; Crozier, Walter W.; Prodö, Paulo A.
Methods in Ecology and Evolution
diveRsity: An R package for the estimation and exploration of population genetics parameters and their associated errors.
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Diversity Statistics
Summary: We present a new R package, diveRsity, for the calculation of various diversity statistics, including common diversity partitioning statistics (θ, GST) and population differentiation statistics (DJost, math formula, χ2 test for population heterogeneity), among others. The package calculates these estimators along with their respective bootstrapped confidence intervals for loci, sample population pairwise and global levels. Various plotting tools are also provided for a visual evaluation of estimated values, allowing users to critically assess the validity and significance of statistical tests from a biological perspective. diveRsity has a set of unique features, which facilitate the use of an informed framework for assessing the validity of the use of traditional F-statistics for the inference of demography, with reference to specific marker types, particularly focusing on highly polymorphic microsatellite loci. However, the package can be readily used for other co-dominant marker types (e.g. allozymes, SNPs). Detailed examples of usage and descriptions of package capabilities are provided. The examples demonstrate useful strategies for the exploration of data and interpretation of results generated by diveRsity. Additional online resources for the package are also described, including a GUI web app version intended for those with more limited experience using R for statistical analysis.
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