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Smiddy MP, Kabir Z, Cunningham C, Perry IJ
Healthcare Infection Society Conference
Experiences of a wholly online Postgraduate Certificate in Health Protection (infection prevention and control) in University College Cork (UCC), Ireland. Lessons learnt
Lyon, France
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Background Knowledge and awareness are key elements in improving compliance with infection prevention and control. However many healthcare professionals find access to suitable courses difficult with both geographical access and leave from work contributing factors. Aims / Objectives To develop and deliver an online postgraduate certificate in health protection (infection prevention and control) to facilitate ongoing professional development in the area of infection prevention and control. To gain experience and facilitate the development of online progression to Masters level. Methodology An inter-disciplinary team was formed and course development commenced in April 2013 on award of support from UCC. Course material was developed for a wholly online format utilising content from a campus based course and new material. A six-month online course was launched in January 2014. Continuous student evaluation was facilitated by written assignment, multiple choice questions and graded discussion boards. Application for European Centre of Disease Control accreditation was submitted in February 2014. Results The initial student response rate to evaluation surveys was excellent however this declined as the course progressed. Overall student feedback was positive and indicated that the quality of content and support were excellent. Some initial information technology access issues occurred with students studying outside the EU. Discussion The development and delivery experience was invaluable and has supported the development of an online Masters programme. Student feedback was excellent. The timeframe for development of this course was limited which reduced time to address technological and recruitment issues as the focus was mainly on content preparation.