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Mandatory Fields
Performances (Music)
Weeter, J., Foott, D.
Cork Audio Visual Ensemble - The Box
Optional Fields
multimedia performance, multimedia composition, multimedia
multimedia performance dur: 40 minutes
CAVE is the School of Music and Theatreʼs newest ensemble. The Cork Audio Visual Ensemble is a technology-based group consisting of 10 students under the direction of Jeffrey Weeter and Derek Foott working to explore the musicality of technology through performance and computer processing. Our first performance, “The Box” was 21 March 2014. A group field trip was taken to UCCʼs former bottling plant now storage facility on the River Lee. In this space, cameras and audio recorders were utilized to sample the slowly disintegrating source material consisting of generators, animal cages, outdated technology, office furniture, sinks and a few other surprises. “The Box” seeks to breathe new life into these objects. On stage the performers will be using a newly made performance controller to interact with the audio-visual source materials. Each of the performers will perform with a plexiglass box equipped with a camera, sensors, microcontroller, lights and curtains. In this box, the source material will be manipulated by the hands of the performers creating a striking visual representation of how we creatively handle objects.
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