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Arpad Szakolczai
Theory and Psychology
Permanent (trickster) liminality: The reasons of the heart and of the mind
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liminality, imitation, trickster, schismogenesis, Pascal
The term liminality is often used to celebrate escape from rigid structures or promote creativity. However, the collapse of the stable frameworks of social life also generates anguishing conditions of uncertainty. The paper introduces the term ‘permanent liminality’ for situations in which the temporary suspension of normality becomes permanent. Such states of emotional overheat are called ‘liminal hotspots’. Reasoning cannot guide out of permanent liminality, as – in the absence of stability necessary to apprehend ratio, or harmonious proportionality – it is also liable for short-circuiting. The solution can be searched, with the help of Pascal rather than Kant, through the heart. Such an idea also receives support from the Palaeolithic, just as the impact of maternal heartbeat in the womb.
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