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Guangbo Hao, Haiyang Li
Journal Of Mechanisms And Robotics-Transactions Of The Asme
Nonlinear Analytical Modeling and Characteristic Analysis of a Class of Compound Multi-beam Parallelogram Mechanisms
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This paper deals with nonlinear analytical models of a class of compound multi-beam parallelogram mechanisms (CMPMs) along with the static characteristic analysis. The CMPM is composed of multiple compound basic parallelogram mechanisms (CBPMs) in an embedded parallel arrangement. Firstly, nonlinear analytical models for the CBPM are derived using the free-body diagram method through appropriate approximation strategies. The nonlinear analytical models of the CMPM are then derived based on the modeling results of the CBPM. Nonlinear finite element analysis (FEA), experimental testing, and detailed stiffness analysis for the CBPM are finally carried out. It is shown that the analytical primary motion model agrees with the FEA model and the testing result very well but the analytical parasitic motion model deviates from the FEA model over the large primary motion/force. It is also shown from the analytical characteristic analysis that the primary translational stiffness increases with the primary motion but the parasitic motion stiffness decreases with the primary motion, and the stiffness ratio of the parasitic motion stiffness to the primary translation stiffness reduces with the primary motion. It is found that the larger the beam slenderness ratio is, the larger the stiffness or stiffness ratio is, and the more apparent the stiffness or stiffness ratio change is. The varied stiffness ratio indicates the mobility change of the CBPM.
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