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Ross, Silvia; Honess, Claire
Identity and Conflict in Tuscany
Firenze University Press
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identity; alterity; conflict; Tuscany; region; Italy; literature; history
This interdisciplinary volume of essays is the result of a collaborative project which traces the concept of conflict in the regional space of Tuscany from the nineteenth century to the present. The variety of essays illustrates how Tuscan conflicts emerge according to different contexts, and that identity formation plays an important role in regional representations. Essays in the proposed collection examine conflict in terms of war, but also as a form of struggle between different demographic groups or indeed conflict based on gender and identity politics. The volume thus represents a targeted exploration of the theme of identity and conflict in the context of Tuscan Studies, an exploration which is enriched by the diverse disciplinary perspectives encompassed (history, literature, linguistics). This collection of essays therefore signals an original mode of analysis which has not been employed to date.
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Strategic Research Fund UCC; Society for Italian Studies