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Murphy, C.
Immigration, Integration and the Law: The Intersection of Domestic, EU and International Legal Regimes
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Conceptual Foundations of Integration: The concept of integration; Exploring the relationship between integration and law. Legal Foundations of Integration: The international legal framework for integration: the UN treaty regime; Regional frameworks for integration: the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights; Regional frameworks for integration: concepts of integration in EU law and policy. Functional and Wider Perspectives on Integration and Law: Domestic Legal Regimes: The boundaries of membership in EU member states: access to citizenship; Religion, education and integration: lessons from the Irish experience; Conclusions; Index.
This book examines the role and impact of EU, international human rights and refugee law on national laws and policies for integration and argues for a broad understanding of the relationship between integration and the law. It analyses the legal foundations of integration at the international and regional levels and examines the interaction of national, EU and international legal spheres, highlighting the significance of these dimensions of the relationship between integration and the law. The book draws together these central themes to enhance our understanding of the connections between integration and the law. It also makes specific recommendations for the development of holistic, human-rights based approaches to integration in EU Member States.
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