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Mandatory Fields
Helena Buffery
2020 Unknown
The Catalan Nation and Identity throughout History
A Shattered Mirror? The Ethics of Remembering Catalan Culture in Exile
Peter Lang
Bern; Berlin; Oxford
Optional Fields
Catalan Republican exile; cultural memory and commemoration; theatre and performance; surrogation; revivification
The aims of this chapter are to explore aspects of the commemoration of Catalan exile culture over the past decade in order to consider the function it has performed in constructions of contemporary Catalan identity. Beginning with a brief theoretical framing that engages with the problems of an ethics of memory of (rather than in) exile, it goes on to reflect on attempts to define a shared understanding or "meaning" of Catalan exile culture, before focusing on performative analysis of a corpus of memory acts drawn primarily from the field of theatre and performance.
Angel Casals; Giovanni Cattini
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