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Ó hAdhmaill, Féilim
‘Language and Identity: Contested Sites?’
‘Language and Identity: Contested Sites?’
University College Cork, Ireland
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Research Workshop ‘Language and Identity: Contested Sites?’ , Thursday 7th November Chair: Professor Nuala Finnegan, Hispanic Studies, UCC Dr Feargal Mac Ionnrachtaigh, Language, Resistance and Revival: From Prison to Community. Based on his PhD research at Queen’s University, Belfast ( now published as a book), Feargal’s presentation will outline the centrality of the Irish language to the identity of republican prisoners in the North during the conflict (1970-2000) and how this impacted on the Irish language revival in nationalist working class areas. Rola Abu-Zeid O’Neill, 'Language, Identity and the Education System - Case of Palestinian citizens of Israel'. Rola will outline the importance of language to Palestinian identity among Palestinians citizens of Israel and the difficulties this presents in a state in which the concept of citizenship is based on Jewishness and the Hebrew language Leire Orduna, The Basque Language and Identity. Leire will outline the history of the Basque language and attempts by the Spanish state to stifle it. She will also explore what the language means to the Basque identity and current attempts to promote it in the Basque Country. In conjunction with the CACSSS Identities Research Cluster