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Shanley, D.K. and Sullivan, A.M.
Brain Research
Alterations in cellular phenotypes differentiating from embryonic rat brain neurosphere cultures by immunoselection of neuronal progenitors.
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The neurosphere culture system is widely used to expand neural stem/progenitor cells in vitro and to provide a source of cells for transplantation approaches to CNS disorders. This study describes the populations of neurones, astrocytes and oligodendrocytes which differentiated from embryonic day (E) 14 rat cortical and striatal tissue grown as neurosphere cultures over three passages. The percentages of cells that adopted neuronal phenotypes decreased with passage, astrocytic percentages increased and oligodendrocytic percentages remained constant. In the second part of this study, immunomagnetic separation was used to positively select neuronal progenitor cells from E14 rat cortical and striatal tissue using an antibody, 2F7, which recognises an epitope on the cell surface of pre- and post-mitotic neurones. These immunomagnetically selected cells were grown as neurosphere cultures over three passages and gave rise to significantly different percentages of neurones, astrocytes and oligodendrocytes than those found in the baseline study. In particular, the percentage of neurones arising from the second and third passages was significantly higher following immunoselection. This indicates that neuronal progenitor cells can be isolated using immunomagnetic separation and then expanded using the neurosphere culture system, to generate enriched populations of neurones that can be used in CNS repair.
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