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Bourke, Jane
International Journal of Healthcare Technology and Management
ICT use in Irish general practices: an intra-practice adoption study
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Information and communications technology ICT Adoption of innovation model General practice
Given the potential of ICT to improve efficiency and quality of care, it is necessary to understand healthcare organisations’ decision-making concerning ICT adoption and use. In this paper, we explore the factors that influence the intensity of ICT use by general practices in Ireland. Drawing on an encompassing theoretical model, we explore how commercial considerations and informational stimuli influence ICT use in Irish general practices. The data source is the medical equipment and IT in general practice survey, which provides information relating to practice characteristics and ICT use for 601 general practices in Ireland. We use ordered probit analysis to examine intensity of ICT use. We find some evidence that GP and practice characteristics influence the extent to which a practice uses ICT. Also, educational and interaction activities positively influence ICT use. Furthermore, we find strong support of the influence of learning-by-using effects on intensity of ICT use.
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