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Niamh M. Fole, Máirín O’Mahony, Elaine A. Lehane, Tulin Cil and Mark A. Corrigan
The British Journal of Medical Psychology
A Qualitative Content Analysis of Breast Cancer Narratives Hosted Through the Medium of Social Media
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Aims: Social media and networking host a significant amount of breast cancer related information. Breast cancer accounts for the largest number of new internet postings amongst the top four cancers. The objective of this study was to apply qualitative content analysis to the most highly rated breast cancer narratives hosted on youtube and identify the common themes. Study Design: Qualitative content analysis of youtube video blogs. Methodology: Data for analysis were extracted from youtube. The search terms used were “breast cancer survivor” and “breast cancer stories”. All clips were transcribed in their entirety. Data were analysed subsequently. Results: The overarching theme apparent from transcript analysis was that of ‘the experience of fighting cancer’. Five categories, namely, (1) ‘first finding out’, (2) coping strategies, (3) ‘living with uncertainty’, (4) ‘reaching out and giving back’ and (5) ‘learning lessons’ were identified as key issues for participants in fighting cancer. Conclusion: Participating in blogs generates important peer and social support. Many patients wanted to ‘reach out and give back’, an endeavour contributing to satisfaction among breast cancer survivors in peer support programmes and an enormous resource to potential survivorship programmes.
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