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Allen E., Wall, D., Herrmann, C., Xia, A., Murphy, J.D.
What is the gross energy yield of third generation gaseous biofuel sourced from seaweed?
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Anaerobic digestion; Biogas; Macro-algae; 3rd generation biofuels
Seaweed may be a source of third generation gaseous biofuel, in the form of biomethane. The scientific literature is sparse on the relative suitability of different varieties of seaweed to produce biomethane. This paper assesses the BMP (biochemical methane potential), ultimate analysis and theoretical yields of ten species of seaweed which may be found in commercial quantities around the coastline of Ireland. Saccharina latissima reported the highest BMP yield (ca. 342 L CH4 kg VS−1). S. latissima if farmed, may produce 10,250 m3 CH4 ha−1 yr−1 (365 GJ ha−1 yr−1) which is in excess of all land based liquid biofuel systems.
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Science Foundation Ireland
Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) funded Eoin Allen (11/RFP.1/ENM/3213). Prof Jerry D Murphy, Dr Christiane Herrmann and Dr Ao Xia were funded by the SFI centre MaREI (12/RC/2302). Teagasc funded David Wall through the Walsh Fellowship.