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London L.E.E., Chaurin V., Auty M.A.E., Fenelon M.A., Fitzgerald G.F., Ross R., Stanton C.
International Dairy Journal
Use of Lactobacillus mucosae DPC 6426, an exopolysaccharide-producing strain, positively influences the techno-functional properties of yoghurt
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The performance of exopolysaccharide (EPS)-producing Lactobacillus mucosae DPC 6426 was evaluated as adjunct culture during low-fat yoghurt manufacture. In situ produced EPS during yoghurt manufacture and storage increased to ∼561.09 mg L−1 after 28 days of storage. Performance and viability of the yoghurt cultures (∼109 cfu mL−1) were not influenced by L. mucosae DPC 6426, which maintained a viability of ∼108 cfu mL−1 during storage. A significant decrease (p < 0.05) in syneresis was obtained for yoghurt manufactured with adjunct culture L. mucosae DPC 6426 and viscosity of the EPS-rich yoghurt was significantly higher (p < 0.01) than control yoghurt during storage. Confocal laser scanning microscopy of unstirred yoghurt samples showed that EPS was present in the pores of the gel network.
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