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Hanley, N., Tunstall, M., and Marnane W.P.
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5932, The 10th International Workshop on Information Security Applications (WISA2009),
Unknown Plaintext Template Attacks
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block ciphers, side channel attack, power analysis, template attack.
Hanwha Resort Haeundae, Busan , Korea
In this paper we present a variation of the template attack classification process that can be applied to block ciphers when the plaintext and ciphertext used are unknown. In a na´ve implementation this attack can be applied to any round of a block cipher. We also show that when a block cipher is implemented with the masking countermeasure a similar attack can be applied to the first round of the cipher. We demonstrate that the attack works in practice by applying it to implementations of AES on 8051 and ARM7 microprocessors. We also demonstrate that the attack can be applied to implementations of block ciphers that use the masking countermeasure when three points are selected from which templates are constructed, or two points if the plaintext can be guessed.
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