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P.J. Mc Carthy, B. Cahill, T.J. Morgan, R.A. Armstrong
30th International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases
Comparison of probe and spectroscopic data in a Te > 10 eV magnetic mirror laboratory plasma
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Rare earth permanent magnets have been used to construct an axisymmetric magnetic mirror plasma configuration with mirror ratios in the range R = 10 − 100. Langmuir probe data fitted with a bi-Maxwellian distribution reveal high (up to several tens of electron volts) electron temperatures at densities of order 10^10/cm^3. The data are consistent with the formation of a maxwellianised population of primary electrons which are generated and confined within the mirror. Temperature and density data derived from the relative intensities of neutral helium lines may be compared to those obtained from probe analysis.