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Dinh, D. V.; Conroy, M.; Zubialevich, V. Z.; Petkov, N.; Holmes, J. D.; Parbrook, P. J.
Journal of Crystal Growth
Single phase (1122) AlN grown on (1010) sapphire by metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy
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Heteroepitaxial growth of AlN buffer layers directly on(101-0) sapphire substrates by metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy has been investigated. A single-step growth procedure without a sapphire nitridation was employed resulting in mirror-like crack free 1:11:6 μm thick AlN layers of single phase (112-2) orientation. Trimethylaluminum pre-dose time and reactor pressure were optimized for surface roughness and crystal quality. The crystal quality was found to degrade with increasing pre-dose time and also reactor pressure. The smallest full width at half maximum value for on-axis X-ray rocking curve of the (112-2) AlN layers was about 610 arc sec and 1480 arc sec along [-1-123] AlN and [1-100] AlN, respectively. The surface roughness, measured by atomic force microscopy using a 10 x 10 μm2 area, aas in the range 2.63.5 nm. A basal stacking fault density of 7 x 105 cm-1 was estimated by transmission electron microscopy.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Science Foundation Ireland