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Guest Editors: Patrick Crowley and Megan MacDonald
Thematic Issue of journal 'Contemporary French and Francophone Studies' titled The Contemporary *Roman Maghrébin*: Aesthetics, Politics, Production 2000-2015
US and UK
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National literatures in North Africa and the role of the state National consciousness and globalization Is there a Maghrebian novel? The roman maghrébin, revolutionary legacies and the Arab Spring Islamism and the roman maghrébin New (and old) independent publishing houses across North Africa and their impact Autobiographical mode and roman maghrébin The witness as focal point and selling point Aesthetics and the roman maghrébin. The roman maghrébin: new writers, old themes?
This issue returns to Abdelkébir Khatibi’s influential text Le Roman maghrébin (1968) and asks where the roman magrébin is now
1740-9292 (Print)
20: 1 (2016)
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