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Kinirons M, McCabe M
Community Dental Health
Familial and maternal factors affecting the dental health and dental attendance of preschool children.
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Factors affecting the dental health and dental registration of preschool children were examined. Questionnaires were completed for 340 randomly selected children and the dental caries status of 294 of these children was examined. There was a statistically significant relationship between the dental caries experience of the child and its position in the family, the lowest caries experience occurring in the second and third born. The peak age of new dental registration appeared to occur during children's third year. The person responsible for bringing the child for dental appointments was the mother in 290 instances out of 340. Maternal education level was significantly associated with child dental health. The caries prevalence in children whose mothers were educated to 3rd level was 10.6 per cent as compared to 38.1 per cent for 2nd level and 46.8 per cent for below '0' level mothers. Mothers who were relaxed about their own dental care were the most likely to have preschool children who were registered for dental care. Similarly those mothers whose last dental visit occurred in the previous six months were the most likely to have children who were registered.
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