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Buckeridge, J. and Teweldeberhan, A. M. and Fahy, S.;
Physical Review B
Vibrational mode shifts as a measure of local strain in the dilute nitride semiconductor alloy GaNxAs1-x
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The effect of an applied strain on the frequency of the localized vibrational mode associated with substitutional nitrogen in the dilute nitride GaNxAs1-x is calculated within first-principles density-functional theory, using a supercell approach. Calculated values of the deformation potentials of frequency of the localized nitrogen vibration mode for each irreducible component of the local strain are as follows: (Gamma(1) representation) a=-1907 cm(-1), (Gamma(3) representation) b=22 cm(-1), (Gamma(4) representation) d=-741 cm(-1).
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