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Linehan, Conor; Kirman, Ben; Lawson, Shaun; Chan, Gail
CHI 2011: SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Practical, appropriate, empirically-validated guidelines for designing educational games
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Education Educational games Serious games Games design Applied behaviour analysis Psychology Behavioural psychology
Vancouver, BC, Canada
There has recently been a great deal of interest in the potential of computer games to function as innovative educational tools. However, there is very little evidence of games fulfilling that potential. Indeed, the process of merging the disparate goals of education and games design appears problematic, and there are currently no practical guidelines for how to do so in a coherent manner. In this paper, we describe the successful, empirically validated teaching methods developed by behavioural psychologists and point out how they are uniquely suited to take advantage of the benefits that games offer to education. We conclude by proposing some practical steps for designing educational games, based on the techniques of Applied Behaviour Analysis. It is intended that this paper can both focus educational games designers on the features of games that are genuinely useful for education, and also introduce a successful form of teaching that this audience may not yet be familiar with.
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