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Rathore HA, Munavvar AS, Abdullah NA, Khan AH, Fathihah B, NurJannah MH, Raisa NA, Anand Swarup KR, Abdullah MH, Salman IM, Johns EJ.
Autonomic & Autacoid Pharmacology
Interaction between renin-angiotensin and sympathetic nervous systems in a rat model of pressure overload cardiac hypertrophy.
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1 A raised cardiac workload activates neurohormones which will increase muscle mass and shift contractility to the right along the Frank-Starling curve. 2 This study examined the interaction between the SNS and RAS in contributing to vascular responsiveness following the development of cardiac hypertrophy due to aortic banding. 3 Sprague Dawley rats (180-200 g) were assigned to one of six groups; Normal, Sham-operated, Aortic Banded (AB), Aortic Banded treated with losartan (ABLOS), Aortic Banded treated with 6-hydroxydopamine (ABSYMP) and Aortic banded treated with both losartan and 6-hydroxydopamine (ABSYMPLOS). A constricting band was placed around the supra renal aorta on day zero with drug treatment from day 37 to day 44. Vasopressor responses to noradrenaline, phenylephrine, methoxamine and angiotensin II were measured on day 45. 4 The magnitudes of the MAP responses to all vasoactive agents, expressed as percentage changes, were similar in Normal and Sham groups, but reduced in the AB group. ABLOS group showed attenuated response to ANGII whereas all responses were enhanced in the ABSYM group. 5 A positive interaction between the two systems was observed with alpha(1A)-adrenoceptors identified as a major component of SNS and AT(1) receptors of RAS to induce vasopressor effects.
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