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Persson, T., Murphy JD, Jannasch, A.K., Ahern, E., Liebertrau, J., Trommler, M., Toyama, J
A perspective on the potential role of biogas in smart energy grids
IEA Bioenergy
IEA Bioenergy
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This report documents the potential role of biogas in smart energy grids. Biogas systems can facilitate increased proportions of variable renewable electricity on the electricity grid through use of two different technologies: Demand driven biogas systems which increase production of electricity from biogas facilities at times of high demand for electricity, or store biogas temporarily at times of low electricity demand. Power to gas systems when demand for electricity is less than supply of electricity to the electricity grid, allowing conversion of surplus electricity to gas.
David Baxter
ISBN 978-1-910154-12-0
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