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Peter Flynn
Balisage 2015
XML (almost) all the way: Experiences with a small-scale journal publishing system
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xml xslt journal publishing
Bethesda, MD
In 2006 my university academic IT support group was approached by an academic colleague wanting to start a new journal to be available in electronic form only. The technical capabilities of the author pool, the requirements of the discipline, and unsurprisingly the lack of financial resources, imposed restrictions on the design of the publishing system. We implemented a system using only open source software, building it largely from scratch as the existing open source journal publishing systems at the time, although comprehensive and well-established, seemed far too large and complex for the task. I describe the process, explain the background to the design decisions made, and attempt to draw some conclusions about the technical viability of creating a small-scale publishing system which attempted to retain XML throughout the workflow, and about the human factors which influenced the decisions.
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