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Malhotra M., Toulouse A., Godhino B.M.D.C., McCarthy D.J., Cryan J.F., O'Driscoll C.M.
Molecular Biosystems
RNAi therapeutics for brain cancer: current advancements in RNAi delivery strategies
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Malignant primary brain tumors are aggressive cancerous cells that invade the surrounding tissues of the central nervous system. The current treatment options for malignant brain tumors are limited due to the inability to cross the blood–brain barrier. The advancements in current research has identified and characterized certain molecular markers that are essential for tumor survival, progression, metastasis and angiogenesis. These molecular markers have served as therapeutic targets for the RNAi based therapies, which enable site-specific silencing of the gene responsible for tumor proliferation. However, to bring about therapeutic success, an efficient delivery carrier that can cross the blood–brain barrier and reach the targeted site is essential. The current review focuses on the potential of targeted, non-viral and viral particles containing RNAi therapeutic molecules as delivery strategies specifically for brain tumors.
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