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Murphy KP, Twomey M, McLaughlin PD, O'Connor OJ, Maher MM.
2015 July
Radiol Clin North Am.
Imaging of Ischemia, Obstruction and Infection in the Abdomen.
Elsevier Inc.
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PMID: 26046514 Intestinal obstruction, Intestinal ischemia, Computed tomography, Acute abdomen, Bowel, Colon
Intestinal ischemia is a serious condition that continues to be associated with mortalities in excess of 70%. Intestinal obstruction and gastrointestinal tract sepsis are common conditions, accounting for a large proportion of patients admitted to emergency departments with acute abdominal symptoms. This article discusses the imaging methods and key findings of these entities in the emergency radiology department. The article includes imaging examples, diagnostic options, protocol selections, diagnostic criteria, and differential diagnoses.
Savvas Nicolaou
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