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O’Connell, J.; Alessio Verni, G.; Gangnaik, A.; Shayesteh, M.; Long, B.; Georgiev, Y. M.; Petkov, N.; McGlacken, G. P.; Morris, M. A.; Duffy, R.; Holmes, J. D.
Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces
Organo-arsenic molecular layers on silicon for high density doping
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This article describes for the first time the controlled monolayer doping (MLD) of bulk and nanostructured crystalline silicon with As at concentrations approaching 2 × 10^20 atoms cm−3. Characterization of doped structures after the MLD process confirmed that they remained defect- and damage-free, with no indication of increased roughness or a change in morphology. Electrical characterization of the doped substrates and nanowire test structures allowed determination of resistivity, sheet resistance, and active doping levels. Extremely high As-doped Si substrates and nanowire devices could be obtained and controlled using specific capping and annealing steps. Significantly, the As-doped nanowires exhibited resistances several orders of magnitude lower than the predoped materials.
Washington, DC, USA
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