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Catherine Sweeney, Eleanor O'Sullivan, Marian McCarthy
Journal of The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Keeping it real: Exploring an interdisciplinary breaking bad news role-play as an integrative learning opportunity
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Interdisciplinary education, medical student, nursing student, breaking bad news, role-play, integrative learning
Palliative care is a complex area of healthcare best delivered by an interdisciplinary team approach. Breaking bad news is an inherent part of caring for people with life-limiting conditions. This study aims to explore an interdisciplinary breaking bad news role-play in a palliative care module. Participants were undergraduate medical and nursing students. Qualitative data from focus groups, student and facilitator feedback and a role-play recording were thematically analysed. The findings revealed that the role-play led to increased understanding of and changes in attitudes towards key palliative care principles, interdisciplinary teamwork, and communication of bad news. There was evidence of increased self-awareness. Findings suggest that the interdisciplinary breaking bad news role-play was a rich integrative learning experience valued by students.
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