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Delvenne, Pierre; Rosskamp, Benedikt; Fitzgerald, Ciara; Adam, Frédéric
2016 Unknown
Policy-Oriented Technology Assessment Across Europe. Expanding Capacities
Making Technology Assessment Accessible to New Players
Palgrave Pivot
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Technology assessment Summer school Grand challenge Education initiative Responsible innovation Business information systems
Delvenne et al. present theoretical considerations about the pedagogy of technology assessment (TA) in general and the summer school format in particular, which was chosen as a platform for teaching TA in the PACITA project. The PACITA summer school programme was designed to encourage the uptake and use of TA rationale and methods by various types of professionals involved in science, technology or innovation policy. The recruitment strategies, the format of the presentations, and so on of the two summer schools are presented. The authors argue that as the ‘responsible innovation’ agenda gains traction among policy makers, societal actors and academics, education initiatives such as the TA summer school can have an important role to play in shaping understandings of this new form of governance.
Kluver, L; Nielsen, R. O.; Jorgensen, M. L.
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