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David Ryan and Victor Pungong
The United States and Decolonization
Macmillin & St Martins
London & New York
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The United States and Decolonization

The United States and Decolonization brings a group of leading scholars and young authors together to analyze US foreign policy towards the various processes of decolonization and aspirations for national self-determination from South-East Asia, Malaya, India, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. The various chapters combine an analysis of the political and diplomatic relationships with the prevailing economic orders. They not only examine the bilateral relationships between Washington and the states of the `Third World', but also the interaction between Washington and the European metropolitan centres and the influence of the Cold War on the process. The late twentieth century was characterized by the rise in the number of new nation-states and by the rise of US power. The relationship between these two phenomena had profound consequences. This collection examines the contributions and the contradictions within US foreign relations across the globe.

Contributors include: Warren Kimball, Walter LaFeber, Laurie Johnston, Paul Orders, Dennis Merrill, Lloyd Gardner, Scott Lucas, John Kent, A. J. Stockwell, Michael Hunt and Cary Fraser.

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